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The forest fires have replaced each other in the last few days, but in Västernorrland, the situation was a little calmer after several major efforts at, among other things, the overaging in the Ånge and Great-Älksjöberget in the northwest of Junsele.

But given the high outdoor temperatures, the emergency service was not breathed – and late on Friday afternoon they were alerted to a new forest fire, in Resele. But it is clear, it is long-lasting efforts and you do not manage how much, says Andersson. In the adjacent county Jämtland, the emergencies have been many in the high summer heat. During the day, several fires have been fought in parallel – of which a forest fire on a half acre at the Bonäset. It is not under control, but it goes in the right direction, says Teresia Gustafsson, internal commander at the rescue service Jämtland.

The rescue service has been fighting a forest fire for a total of eight hectares of land in Murejavaara outside Gällivare, but it is now under control, reporting P4 Norrbotten. In the area of ​​Örnsköldsvik, the rescue service fought seven different fires during Thursday evening, writes SVT Västernorrland, and in Örebro County ravaged a forest fire outside Fellingsbro during Wednesday.

The inspection for care and care IVO is criticized by the Ombudsman Jo after the authority put down a notification on the wishes of a patient’s wife, write today’s medicine.

In the case from, an adult patient’s parent has notified the care for IVO. A little later, the patient’s wife, who was also the patient’s good man, have heard of itself and desired that IVO would not investigate the complaint from the patient’s parent. Ivo then fired the notification. But according to Jo, there is no hierarchy regarding patients’ relatives, and as there are situations where related parties can have different views, IVO get back home with the depreciation.

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