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Azusa Mukami: He is the most friendly and happy with the idea. In general he is very alone because he is the youngest, so it will be his first experience as an older brother and he wants to be like Yuma is to him. He will present his collection of daggers, the house, he will tell about his brothers, what they like, what they don’t like. It will seem very needy although in many moments it prefers to be alone. He is also very protective, and he doesn’t like her around the Sakamaki, for fear of ruining his little sister’s purity. Especially Kanato, he knows how he creates fear in her and hates it. He will always be there, for whatever she wants and needs.

Shin Tsukinami: Incredibly excited and also Incredibly suspicious, he wants to know everything about the girl, after all it could be a plan from another kingdom or even Karl Heinz to bring them down, but when he saw that it was really his little sister, love love love. HE FINALLY WON’T BE THE YOUNGEST and will experience what it is like to be someone’s eldest. He wants to be admired, just as he admires Carla, and he will be the most fun and liberal of the brothers, making Carla WELL LOOK AT HIM. There are wolf relatives everywhere watching and following her at all times. Anyone who looks at his sister lopsided will have his head chopped off if Carla doesn’t arrive sooner, he really is the most protective and controlling. He wants to be called Nii-san and will have many walks through the forests and teachings, stories to hear.

Yui Komori: Yui loves her little sister and would definitely do anything to keep her safe from the horrors she has been through. She wants to be her little sister’s best friend and safe haven, she wants to give advice, dress, make up, she is simply living her big sister fantasy and of course, she will teach her the values ​​of God and the commandments of the church, because he finds it very important, especially for her, who is a child.