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If you’re constantly noticing that he kisses next to you, tastes like an ashtray and has a lot of spinach on his tooth, it’s a sign that it might be better to find another prince.

We may even be excellent people and have an intense spiritual life, but as soon as we enter the room, what stands out?

We ask men to tell us what makes them vibrate more than a scorching night of sex. If you think the answers are about football and beer, you are very wrong.

In the case of the Portuguese, there are sexual fantasies for all tastes. Let the author say that she gathered the erotic testimonies of 100 Portuguese women.

In the first person, five men confess what they hate most when it comes to sex. Curious?

Menopause is not synonymous with the end of sexual interest. At this stage, we are ready to make the most of it, without headaches.

When you enter this stage, you get to know your body better and how to get pleasure. But it can go even further.

At 30 she is safer, but this is also a time for change. Find out how to fully enjoy your sexuality.

Getting the most out of sex at any age, experiencing your sexual fantasies and mastering sexual etiquette are ways to overcome taboos and fully accept the pleasure of your body.

Failing an orgasm at the same time, not even having one or resorting to masturbation, are frequent facts in love. Ask questions and realize that, after all, there is nothing wrong with your relationship.

Sexual desire is an essential ingredient for a happy life for two. Time wears you out, but don’t give up: it is possible to bring sex back into your relationship.

Imagining to be whoever you want in bed is a good way to break free and have more pleasure, without anything threatening the couple’s intimacy.

Be individualistic when it comes to sex. No, it’s not just thinking about your pleasure, but creating your own way of being

Try to lose your inhibitions, forget the stress of work and don’t think about your chores. Focus exclusively on your pleasure.

The model revealed her fashion essentials (and from where) in a question and answer session with fans.

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It has never been easier to join homebanking: just use the Digital Mobile Key! The official app of Crédito Agrícola helps you to save and invest your money.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes. Tiredness sets in and all changes seem normal. But there are symptoms that you should not ignore. It is estimated that more than half of women suffer from gestational anemia. The vast majority are caused by iron deficiency. On this Day of Anemia, find out what the symptoms are and how to treat.

The Duchess of Cambridge recycled this garment, which made a splash during a 2019 engagement.