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He is also very protective of his little sister, when he has nightmares, he is there, do you want advice? He’s there, and especially when HE has nightmares, she’ll be there. You will buy many gifts and will spoil her to the extreme. But she will also speak very badly of their father, calling him a bastard and other names that the girl obviously won’t understand, but after all, you don’t have to, do you? He’s just telling loose facts that she’ll see for herself sometime. He will teach how to play the piano, help with chores and get rid of Reiji’s punishments, just because he can.

Subaru Sakamaki: In the beginning I would stay away. He does not think the mansion is a place for a child to live and does not want to have any kind of contact with him, but after some time, after feeling his purity and seeing his brothers still doing and saying things in front of the girl, he will impose itself. It will be the most protective and most irritating brother of all. He is still trying to understand why she came to the mansion and mainly because he is in their care, but that will not fail to protect the girl when she needs it. Especially from your other brothers. The good thing is that anything if he gets angry, just punch him in the furniture and she hears it, but in the end the crying and fear don’t please him, it’s different when it’s her. Then I would avoid as much as possible getting out of control in front of her.

Ruki Mukami: He would treat you as he does all your brothers. I wouldn’t pay much attention to her for being reserved and having her other siblings and relatives on the lookout, but I would warn her about the rules of the mansion, what she may or may not do, schedules and the like. Right from the start, she would coordinate her food very well and appreciate education, a spoiled child is just what she lacks. He wouldn’t share anything, until finally, after a certain insistence on her part, he has a greater confidence in the girl, and feels more comfortable and used to having a fourth sister. He is aware that he is a child, and requires attention, so he would be very protective and vigilant when he took the big brother’s morning again and, knowing that, would keep her WELL away from the Sakamaki, being able to teach her at home.

Kou Mukami: He loves the idea of ​​having a younger sister, whom he will be able to take several pictures of and take advantage of being the eldest to induce her to steal food from the kitchen or make other mischief with the other brothers. Ruki would pay a LOT of attention to this duo, like “if they are too quiet, they are doing something”. besides Yuma. You are going to send her a lot and take advantage of her power as such, but everything has its good side and bad side, right?

Yuma Mukami: He will start off very badly, saying bluntly so as not to be sneaky and keep walking around.