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Being invited to a wedding is a great honor, as it shows that the bride and groom care about you and want you to be present at the most special moment of their lives. Therefore, it is a real gift for them to find out about wedding etiquette in order to be part of this moment in the best possible way.

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task, but ceremonialist Sol Kunrath explains the importance that guests also have in this process and how essential they are for everything to go as planned. “The bride and groom spend months and even years planning their big day, every detail is thought out for the guests. They are handpicked, because when starting the preparations, the list is one of the first items ”, recalls the ceremonialist. “Having them on this very special day is undoubtedly something expected by the bride and groom because a new life begins there and they wish the guests to be witnesses of this day”.

So, if you have been invited to a wedding ceremony, it is time to return such affection and collaborate so that everything goes as the bride and groom always dreamed.

To help you in the guest mission, we have separated 12 tips on how to behave at a wedding so that you can do everything right and make the most of this moment of your dear boyfriends.

One of the main rules of wedding etiquette is to thank. It may seem like a common thing, but many forget to thank them for being called to such a special event. So, thank the affection, hug the bride and groom and show how happy you were to be called. If you have already received the invitation, send a message to the bride and groom saying how much they are looking forward to the day and wish them well. They will certainly be very happy and excited with your gesture!

When you receive a wedding invitation, in addition to praising the care and preparation that the bride and groom showed in choosing the model and colors, carefully read the information contained in the invitation.

Check where the location is, if it is a region you already know or need to check better. A tip is to go to the venue beforehand (if it is within your city) so that you already know the adversities of the streets and have no surprises when you need to go to the wedding.

You often confirm that you will go without checking your schedule first. Confirm that there is nothing scheduled on the same day and time and save it in your calendar so you don’t run the risk of scheduling something on the same date.

It is a norm of wedding etiquette for the bride and groom to make it clear in the invitation to whom it is being addressed, whether it is for you, spouses or other family members. So stay tuned:

If only your name is written, it is because only you were invited. In this case, you should not take boyfriends or family members.

If it says Mr. and Mrs. it means that the invitation is only for you and your spouse.

In this case, if you already have children and they live with you, you can take them. If they are already adults and have their own families, they should receive another invitation.