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In the small defects. The more you try to get out, the more lost you become. It means that you urgently need to stop putting all the weight on the relationship. Make a list of programs that the two like. If you keep putting off a conversation for fear of it turning into an ugly fight, go for me, speak up.

The truth may cost the real end, but the lie will gradually transform the forever into something completely empty and false. Which do you prefer? And don’t expect it from him either. Introduce your boyfriend to your family. But nothing to invite yourself to meet his, ok? Never, absolutely never talk about your exes. Not good, not bad. Ex is past and should be forgotten. Trust me…. All this because the ex was called Raissa. At least she carried her dental floss in her purse to make that leap in the bathroom and give a general….

What a shame!!! And about dating, my grandmother prays a lot for me to stay single. She says I need to get professionally settled in life first. Well, I just say that the prayers have worked, just super stranded! Disaster mode on! About n. Take a Vaseline suppository in your medicine bag.

Just go to the bathroom discreetly and put it on. No frills huh! Bad is getting bloated with everything stuck and it’s even dangerous! Really, I gave that same tip to the girls but up !!! You have to keep with idiotic smiles, making a face of the landscape, while the bastards take their love cones! But the part of the mother-in-law is really tense and also listening to her husband’s childhood stories a thousand times, the nicknames of a child afff that broxante.

My fear, dread is the dumbest of all. I avoided dinners and meals at the beginning of courtship. Bathroom is another worrying point, but I always had the boys ‘and girls’ bathrooms at home. Pum is TABU forever and ever! I think it’s incredible who can have this intimacy with her boyfriend in terms of n. I went to the beach for a few weeks and the boy went to find me. I had the brilliant idea of ​​a day before taking my grandma’s ultra mega powerful laxative to keep my stomach dry to wait for the boy.

Behold, on the day he arrives, he pours me up in a way that has never happened before, and every 10 minutes I had to go to the bathroom. Seriously, when we invented going by the sea I had to run back thinking that disaster was going to happen in the middle of the road kkkkkkkk.

Cony, girls, I have to confess something to you !!! Sometimes my stomach hurt a lot until I managed to escape to fart.

Nowadays I go through trouble but it is more when I go to his house, his father loves to cook exotic things and with a lot of seasoning and condiment, which I hate, my food at home is very natural.

I loved the list. But it is like that, on the day you do that depilatory cleaning and put on your most beautiful lingerie, nothing. Well, I’ll tell you how I lost some of my husband’s shame. I was shy about a lot. One fine day I caught a very strong virus that knocked me down. It was vomiting and diarrhea almost at the same time. Well, he stayed at home looking after me. After about 4 days I got better. Then I asked him: Do you still want to be with me? I’ll understand if you want to quit! Anyway, a while later we ended up getting married. Today we laugh a lot at this story. Is that really people? Then on that day of will, my boy outside the bathroom felt the smell, what a horror, what a shame, I am pissed off today about it.

Intimacy is a disgrace even kkk. Then I just threw the shirt on and was happy. I forgot all about it and got up and started struggling, shouting at that disgusting child to leave me… At the same time it was shameful, it served to break the ice lol…. I need to remember to never read a post like this at work! I’m crying with laughter! At lunch his father is normal, it happens to everyone. Have dinner in nice restaurants, go for walks, cinema, exhibitions, theater, games, physical activities, all of which can be done to break the routine.

There are many gifts that please women, but surely, flowers, they all like it, especially if you give a beautiful bouquet on any given day for no reason.

Most Read. Then he comes in and starts laughing and says: our beauty, you are the patricinha most I started dating now in history! Hahahahah this is terrible! In the beginning, only the most feminine and brand new camisole. Just crying with the stories !!! I also know that sometimes he started dating now the main culprit. And she knew that her boyfriend’s aunt was waiting outside, to use the bathroom as well. Besides, this is going to happen to you soooo much. Our people